Sharetini is the co-ownership platform that will connect with you others looking to share the cost of owning a home.

  • Verified profiles
  • Ability to search for exact matches and fits
  • Match based on ownership needs, whether this is your primary residence or an investment.
  • Custom profiles with images galleries. Strut your stuff!
  • Comprehensive information about your matches

We know that buying a home can be pretty overwhelming. We’ll point you in the right direction to learn the basics of financial health and buying a home.

  • Learn from your friends, our partners and
  • Stay current with friend and partner updates
  • Explore
  • Plan and prepare for homeownership

Purchasing a home requires planning and team work. We have the right resources and partners in place to help you with that.

  • Plan with Sharetini
  • Create your team with our trusted advisors
  • We’ve go you covered from A-Z
  • 1. What is Sharetini

    Sharetini connects people interested in home ownership with like-minded people willing to share the purchase of a home. Our focus is on urban areas where many people have been priced out of the market. Download the Sharetini app to get started, or contact us with questions.

  • 2. Can Sharetini help me find someone to buy a home or investment property with?

    We’re here to empower you to become a homeowner, to stop paying rent and start building equity by connecting you with people like yourself to co-own your dream home. 

  • 3. What’s this co-ownership concept? Is it new?

    Also referred to as tenancy in common, or TIC, has been around a long time and allows two or more people a legal ownership interest in the same property.  

  • 4. For which cities can I connect with others on Sharetini to co-own a home?

    Our focus is on urban areas where many people have been priced out of the market. We are currently launching in San Francisco and Toronto. 

  • 5. Where can I learn more about buying a home and co-ownership? is your comprehensive resource for learning more about home buying and co-ownership. 

  • 6. Which Apple devices are supported

    iPhone 6 and above and iOS 10+ is supported by the Sharetini app.

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