Why should you use one of Sharetini verified partners to purchase a home?

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While sharing the purchase of a home is not a new or complicated thing, it still requires specialized knowledge and setup for Tenants in Common structured property purchases. 

This begins with: 

Real estate agent: with experience with all the applicable laws and processes for TIC/ Tenancy in Common. 

Real estate Lawyer: Experienced with the legal process and documents that conform with all the applicable laws and requirements for TIC/ Tenancy in Common. 

Mortgage Brokers: Who have relationships with lenders who offer loans for TIC/ Tenancy in Common. Please note many lenders will not offer loans for TICs so it is important to work with a broker who has experience. 

Insurance Brokers: Having insurance that is tailored for TICs is critical to secure a loan and protect your investment. 

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