Helpie FAQ

  • 1. What is Sharetini

    Sharetini connects people interested in homeownership with like-minded people willing to share the purchase of a home. Our focus is on urban areas where many people have been priced out of the market. Download the Sharetini app to get started, or contact us with questions.

  • 2. Can Sharetini help me find someone to buy a home or investment property with?

    The evolution of homeownership! Sharetinin is here to empower you to become a homeowner, to stop paying rent and start building equity by connecting you with people like yourself to co-own your dream home. Think of it as real estate dating!

  • 3. What’s this co-ownership concept? Is it new?

    Also referred to as tenancy in common, or TIC, has been around a long time and allows two or more people a legal ownership interest in the same property.  

  • 4. For which cities can I connect with others on Sharetini to co-own a home?

    Our focus is on urban areas where many people have been priced out of the market. We are currently launching in Los Angeles, New York city, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver! 

  • 5. Where can I learn more about buying a home and co-ownership? is your comprehensive resource for learning more about home buying and co-ownership. 

  • 6. Which Apple devices are supported

    iPhone 6 and above and iOS 10+ is supported by the Sharetini app.

  • How do I edit, or delete my profile?

    EDIT: You can do this from the menu or from your profile. 

    Don’t worry if some of the information you provide changes, you can edit your own profile at any time you wish.

    DELETE: You can do this from Settings in the menu or in your profile under Manage Account. Please note Sharetini does not issue any refunds for deleting your account. 

    Where you have not accessed your profile for a continuous 12-month period, since your last activity, we reserve the right to remove your profile from our database. This will ensure that we continue to provide up to date and relevant matches for all our members.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Your login password can be reset in Account Settings. You can access your Account Settings from the menu or from your profile. 

  • How does Sharetini find the right person(s) for me to buy property with?

    We want to empower you to be a homeowner, and the peace of mind, joy, and financial flexibility that comes with that achievement. If you don’t already have someone you’d like to live with, Sharetini can connect you with people like yourself so your living situation meets your needs. This arrangement is called a tenancy in common (TIC), which allows two or more people ownership interests in a property. We encourage you to contact our professional partners to help you understand and prepare for your home-buying experience, and connect with other Sharetini members to find someone who has the same home vision as you. 

  • How does Sharetini work?

    Sharetini connects prospective buyers like you who may otherwise not be able to afford such properties on their own with professional partners who can help you purchase available properties in popular urban markets, such as San Francisco and Toronto.